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Customers' voice


“Everything about them screams Rich Almond… you’ll be sinking your teeth into this delicious bites in no time.”

Olivia, Beverly Hills


“OMG, they are amazing! The customers love them. Thank you.”

Anthony, San Francisco


“How can a small bites taste so great? I can resist anything but Almond Bites™.”

Debra, Santa Monica

Food Pick Up

“They didn’t make it home to my family! I ate them all. I really like them. Delicious!”

Allen, Irvine 


“You will be more than satisfied when you take that first bite. There never was a treat so tasty, mouthwatering, and delightful.”

Lindsay, Hollywood


“These Almond Bites™ are really delicious and it’s gluten free. Awesome!”

T. Janow, Newport Beach

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